Station Avenue Productions understands that your guests experience will determine the overall success of your event.

Whether it’s a national conference, special event or private party, we plan, design and coordinate the perfect event to meet your vision.


With over 46 years of experience in the event industry, our expertise in the event production process is second to none.

Product Services

What is the region of your phone?

Our phones are default LL/A (USA) or X/A (Australia) unless stated otherwise.

How do I get your price quotes?

Please feel free to contact us directly via the chat tab in this site or via phone as we can assist you well after understanding your need and demand. Please refer Contact Us tab for our contact details.

Can I view and test the phone before payment?

Yes you can test the phone and make payment once satisfied with the device. However we do encourage dealers and retailers to opt to delivery services for a swift transaction to avoid any unforeseen delay and to be safe especially during this global pandemic.

What shall I do if I received a device that is not as per expected via delivery method?

We will refund or replace the device since we do cover the warranty for all of our devices. Please discuss with our representative to know more about our warranty coverage.

We have a strong and extensive venue and vendor relationships and have proven time and time again to be the go-to producer for many companies around the world. Everyone has experienced the entertainment punch provided by a well-planned and perfectly executed audio-visual production. Our vendors’ equipment is designed to complement any event.


Our professional and talented team of sound and visual engineers coupled with the top-notch equipment assures the quality and excellence of sound that your event needs. Station Avenue’s AV crew provides state-of-the-art equipment to help with every aspect of your audio and video challenges including sound, lighting, rigging, staging, and back-line.


Whether the event requires something simple or something over-the-top, we can make even your most ambitious visions a reality.

Depending on the scope and size of your event, you will have the ability to have a full-time staff member or members. They will work side by side with your team wherever that event is headed or headquartered.


We will send staff members for hours, days, weeks or even months to allow them to fully integrate themselves with your team so they understand what your needs are for your event.

Station Avenue will provide full-time security detail for your show as needed.   Whether it is a private event or a full-blown rock concert,  we will be able to ensure the safety of everyone involved. We will provide the relief that your event’s security needs are in good hands. Security personnel is usually the first and last people that your event’s guests will encounter.


Efficiency and approachability are key. Our friendly security staff is helpful and professional throughout the entire event. Our aim is to build good relationships between you, your guests and ourselves.

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