Public Relations (PR)

In Short - We Make You Look Good

Veterans of Stage, Media, Music and Industry since 1976. We are the PR Machine that ensures your message is reaching the right publications and media outlets. We're the good guys in black staging and coordinating your event.

What Do We Do ?

Event creativity and coordination - plus outstanding talent management - delivering stellar event experiences for businesses, non-profit organizations and leading venues!

In house talent buyers, promoters, event coordinators, producers, public and media relations experts, branding and marketing directors along with creative design services to enhance or create your brand, promote your latest project or campaign to make you the newest star…


We provide the creative infusion your projects thirst for - and we do it with style.

How We Do It ?


It's our core business model and we've practiced that every day for 40 years.

We mix an eclectic group of STRATEGIC THINKERS to market the product;


DESIGNERS who know how to stretch the boundaries;


Talented PRODUCTION SPECIALISTS who control a room;


CONCERT PRODUCERS who know how to rock and; 


IMAGE MAKERS who create the buzz.

Station Avenue Added Value (Assets)


Celebrating 45 Years in the Entertainment Business!

Ron DiRoma, Capitol recording artist and friend to some of the most iconic voices out of the NY and Philadelphia area created a concert promotion company in 1976.  


Through Ron’s entertainer friendships and connections in the music business with major agencies and producers; he created a legacy that endures 40 years later.


The company is wholly owned by the family has been able to anticipate industry changes and adapt quickly in order to stay ahead of the competition and maintain a high profile of excellence within the industry.


In 1986 CJ DiRoma became VP of Business Development and in 1996 took over as President and CEO.