Our event and production teams are the best in the business. We keep the entertainers happy. We keep you happy. Most important, we keep the event running smooth as silk no matter what happens. And believe us, stuff happens! Thankfully, we thrive in the spotlight of center stage chaos and, no matter what; we make sure our events are delivered with top-notch style. Center stage always, baby!


Station Avenue Productions is your hero when it comes to fusing the right talent with your event or venue. We deliver stellar results. Our team produces hundreds of concerts, non-profit galas, community and corporate events. We rock our in house venues with the hottest producers who – create an event that is memorable for all the right and most entertaining reasons. Doing the extra service and paying attention to the details is our motto even if that means taking the brown M&M’s out of the bag!


    With more than 40 years of outstanding service in event production and entertainment management under our belts, our team are the BEST event managers around! We take care of everything – and we mean it! Event creation, on-site venue coordination, entertainment booking – the entire event, no matter how big or small the venue, is in our hands. And our hands are very, very warm!


    We are Brand Developers. Marketing Specialists. A Public Relations Glam Squad. We are Consumed with creating a buzz. Through cross platform strategies, branded events, PR & social media outreach we make you the expert.


    Working with Armed Forced Entertainment, Station Ave Productions does the management and talent buying for military event tours. We hire top notch A and B list celebrities, acts, artists, and bands to partake in military base tours to help troops feel a bit more at home when they’re away. We most recently worked with Rob Schneider and Jamie Lislow.

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