While it is not often that people recall the experiences of 2020 as good times, in the case of Sierra Miles, it set the stage for transformation from pop princess to alternative rock goddess. The year filled with unusual occurrences, allowed Sierra to listen, observe and create a new musical narrative for herself and her current reality.  In this space, she realized  her childhood nickname, CC Miles, no longer felt real.  It was time to become her more adult self.

Once Sierra had the opportunity to get back in the studio to record, her direction was a 180 degree turn from her previous works. The studio is a haven for most artists, seen as a safe space to explore and dive deep into emotion with poetry and flow surrounded by the familiar in which for Sierra, THE ARCHITECT was the result.

A concept album representing transformation through struggle was born from the first single “FUNERAL FOR MY MORALS”, followed by “WHEN WE’RE IN HELL”. Each single is representative of the individual, offering a unique meaning that pertains to their reality. Although THE ARCHITECT carries one message, we are all THE ARCHITECT of our lives, our dreams, and our world.

Sierra Miles went deep, dark, and sarcastically funny at times with her lyrics and witty descriptions that are painted throughout her new album. Tapping into the 90’s raw rock feel as her inspiration, long gone are the freshman pops songs from her debut album ALMOST.


Sierra has found her true voice with THE ARCHITECT.