What is

Virtual Consultation? 

It's our services of creation or branding management and production available online. We can create a virtual or a  social distance event/meeting, we can add video talent, we can manage offsite, and we can access our network of professionals to support in whatever way needed with contactless delivery of equipment or food hospitality, etc.  All vendors are following CDC guidelines and prepping individual serving options sealed if required.  

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How Does It Work?

Virtual Concerts & Entertainment

We handle any production value required for live streaming and stage events.


We book the talent, either for a pre-recorded session or a live stream, offering a variety of talent for different budgets. And not just music, but comedy, cooking demos, fitness classes, guitar master classes, booking readings, and more!​​​​ 

Additional events could include a moderated Q&A with the talent, virtual meet and greet, speaker series, authors, and masterclasses.

Services remain the same - consistent execution of details regarding any of the above talent ideas or with AV/Hospitality.


Project management continues via phone email text or virtually. Physical appearance if needed with all staffing adhering to CDC recommendations as well as the venue or the client. ​​​

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Bottom Line - Our Services Following All CDC and Government Requirements in a Virtual Space